Wow Wedding Shoes

The shoes worn on your wedding day are almost as important as the dress. Ask any one of our brides and they will tell you that serious thought was put into their selection. We’ve seen some great ones over the years, but today we’re bringing you photos of shoes that will knock your socks off! One problem though – they’re not for sale. Second problem – they’re art! These shoes were created for display at the Boston Flower Show. Every shoe is decorated using 100% plant material. Hard to believe – these shoes are gorgeous!

The shoe above is mainly pansy petals.

This shoe is made from dyed mustard seed. It’s the perfect “glass slipper.”

This one was the prize winner. I don’t remember the names of all the flowers and seeds used, but here is a detail shot of the back. So intricate!

(It would be pretty fab with a champagne colored gown, right?)

Each artist placed a little index card explaining the materials used next to the shoe.

The grand finale! No one would be able to tell this wasn’t made of diamonds! Now, how do I get me a pair of each. Size 7, please.

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